Friday, February 8, 2013

Tabacón Hot Springs

After our hike at the hanging bridges we were ready for a nice warm soak in the volcano-heated water of Tabacón Hot Springs.  The guide book recommended it and it did not disappoint.  The springs were so natural-looking you felt like you were slipping into a rivulet in the jungle.  And the grounds were extensive with many little "streams" separated by beautifully manicured pathways.  There was also a pool near the entrance with a swim-up bar.  How often do you get the chance to be in a volcano-heated pool with a swim-up tiki-hut bar sipping freshly-squeezed girly drinks with two of your favorite guys in the world?  Not everyday!...and  I enjoyed every minute of it!

Tabacón at night is also beautiful (photo below).  We left just after it got dark, but it I can imaging it would be super romantic if you were here on your honeymoon.  Hermosísima!

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Joe Wessling said...

Hermosisima, indeed!
Joe Wessling