Sunday, March 3, 2013

Riveting - Industrial Cincinnati

Last week I had a photo shoot in Price Hill and on my way home I stopped in the flat area between Price Hill and I-75.  Some people might consider this expanse an industrial wasteland, but in my eyes it is a photographer's paradise.  There are old rusting bridges, decaying buildings, and piles of industrial materials in barren, gravel fields.

When I got out of the car to take these photos the day felt like a typical mid-western grey winter day. It was cold, the wind was whipping right through my coat, and the sun was only a suggestion of white haze through the clouds.  The feeling was definitely post-apocalyptic and as I wandered around taking photos I thought, "this metal, concrete, and rubber will be here forever - it's indestructible and lifeless."

But if you look closely you see that everything is always changing and the rust was slowly but surely having it's way with these objects.  The lively transformation was at different stages everywhere, from a tiny spot of rust breaking through the peak of a painted rivet to a healthy patina coating an entire bridge.  The effect was undeniable and quite might even say "riveting".

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