Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bird Scissors

When I saw the booth of Sayfullo Ikromov and Salimjon Ikramov at the International Folk Art Market I stopped dead in my tracks. I couldn't believe what I saw...could it be hand-crafted bird scissors?  How awesome is that?  As you know I like to collect bird-related everything and I had never seen this before!  I stood at this booth a crazy long time just examining all the birds.  There were flying birds, perched birds, male and female birds, and what appeared to be woodpeckers and herons.  Not only were they beautifully crafted but they also cut really well.  And in addition they would write any name on the scissors that you wanted (George's name is on the pair above).  It is so much fun to shop at a folk market like this and find something truly unique and beautiful that really speaks to you.  Thank you to the Ikromov's for bringing such wonderful objects into being. If you would like to contact the Ikromov's you can email them at raisa@salomtravel.com.


Chuck said...

Wow! I share your enthusaism, Venessa. Those are pretty unique!

May and Jim said...

Great idea. I love that George has his own personalized bird scissors!