Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Screen Porch/Pergola Addition

I've been excited to post this project for a while now.  I helped my dad design and plan a screen porch addition, outside patio, pergola, and fireplace.  It all started with what my dad likes to refer to as "varmints."  His old wood deck had "varmints" living under it and he wanted to get rid of them.  The deck was pretty old so I suggested he add a screen porch like I did.  I did a mock-up in Photoshop (below) of what I thought it should look like last spring.  He showed it to his talented contractor, Jeff Boos.  And last fall Jeff built it in about 2 weeks!  I can't recommend him enough.  Not only was he on budget and on schedule, but he does beautiful work and has a great sense of design.

I have been waiting to write this post because my dad had the landscaping done this summer and I wanted the grass to grow in.  And this past Sunday the final touch was installed... the pagoda.  We had been looking for a while for a pagoda and we found the perfect one at Aquatic and Garden Decor in West Chester.  It felt really good to put it in place and call the job done!


Angel M. Gonzales said...

That is beautiful! It definitely looks better after there were some additions made. A screened porch really looks nice and useful because you get to have extra space where you can put other stuff like chairs, tables or maybe even pictures. This one is one of the most beautiful houses i have seen on the internet.


Custom Outdoor Living Official Site said...

I love the additions to your home. All from screened porch, the pergola outside and also the landscape added. Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing your project.