Thursday, September 12, 2013

Metal Tile Roof with Solar Panels


We recently added a metal tile roof and solar panels to our house.  Our roof was about 25 years old and we had a small leak above the front porch so we knew it was finally time.  I have always loved the tile roofed-houses in our neighborhood so when we investigated our options I was so excited to find Cornett Roofing's metal tile roof.

I am not usually a fan of products that try to appear to be something they are not (i.e. laminate floors that look like wood), but I was very impressed by the look of this roof.  We drove to Indianapolis to make sure we really liked how it looked and when we pulled up in a couple of the driveways I thought we had the wrong address because it looked like real tile.  You can tell that it isn't real tile once you look closely, but from the street it looks like clay tile.

We had a hard time choosing the color.  The tiles come in many different colors (and 2 finishes) and we narrowed it down to brown or red powder coated.  If we had chosen brown we could have left the dormers red, but I think we will end up painting them soon.  Overall I am very pleased with the roof and I think it upped our curb appeal by 110%. 

In addition to metal roofs, Cornett also installs solar panels.  George was super excited about this option. He has always wanted solar and it is a great time right now to install solar because of the government rebate.  It is a cool system because you can monitor real time how much energy you are making on your computer.  George has been obsessively checking it throughout the day and was excited because yesterday we made 17.5 kilowatts! When the Duke energy guy came to install our new meter it was set to zero and we were actually going negative until we turned the air conditioning on.  George thinks we can get back to zero this fall when we have no air on and lots of sun.  I told him I don't know if zero is a realistic goal, but as Les Brown said, "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."  (Hopefully a bright star with lots of light to make solar energy!)


Anonymous said...

You guys are my heros!

Margot Madison Creative said...

The roof looks great! Now I wish we had solar panels with Matt's power conservation obsession...

Adolfo Zunino said...

The new roof looks so much better this time, Nessy! I actually thought they're clay tiles, but then I stood corrected. Hehe! It's nice that you've installed solar panels too. I hope you'll utilize its energy to lessen your electrical bills. :)

Adolfo @ Presto Roofing

Jere Leach @ Yancey Home Improvements said...

Had you not mentioned that it was actually metal, I'd have been blissfully ignorant in thinking it was clay. Haha! It's definitely a big improvement from the old roof. Not only did you get rid of the leak, but you also got better curb appeal and become more energy-efficient. Congrats!

Soo Eaton said...

Go for zero! But it will surely help with the utilities in the long run, especially since the AC seems to be the only one that it can’t handle fully. And it helps that it doesn’t ruin your curb appeal by being installed at the back, Hopefully that doesn’t affect the panel’s energy gathering capabilities.

Sam Gerrard said...

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Devi Priya said...

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