Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bird Flower Emboss - Printmaking

I am so excited to be taking printmaking this semester at Xavier.  This was our first test run project for embossing.  We had to come up with a 4''x4'' design to run through the press just to see how it works.  First we drew the design, then traced it onto cardboard.  Then you had to either carve the design out of cardboard or cut out layers of cardboard and stack them to create the emboss. 

I was beyond excited when I pulled this out of the press for the first time.  I never knew it but I looooooooooove embossing!  I love the subtle white on white with the design only created by shadow.  I could just do this the rest of the semester and I would be happy.


Anonymous said...

The contrast of shadows enhances the 3-D effect. Very cool!
--Tony A

April Eight said...

How beautiful! You are unstoppably lovely.

May and Jim said...

I love this image!