Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Mexico Adventure - High Road to Taos

Door to the Tower Gallery

They call New Mexico the "Land of Enchantment" and ever since my first trip I have fallen under its spell.  I don't know if it is the clear air of the high desert, the beaming sun, or the earthy adobe but there is certainly magic in this part of the world and I can't get enough of it.

Before Christmas we took a trip to travel and visit friends in New Mexico.  We had never flown into Santa Fe airport before and when I got off the plane I couldn't believe the airport!  It is certainly the cutest airport I have ever seen before.

After picking up our luggage from the single baggage ramp (about 10 feet long), we rented a car and headed toward the high road to Taos.  On our way we stopped at the Tower Gallery where my favorite New Mexico sculptor, Roxanne Swentzell, exhibits her work.  I love the beautiful curvy bodies of her forms and am in love with the way she expresses emotions through her work.  I am especially enamored with the feet and toes of her figures.

Once past the gallery we found the high road to Taos and were on our way.  It is always fun to stop and photograph the Sacred Heart Catholic church on the way.  It is such a lovely example of adobe architecture.

It doesn't take long before one is out in the wide expanses of New Mexico.  Maybe its because I come from lush Ohio but it is always breathtaking to visit the desert.  It is one place where you can really see the earth and the sky without interruption and it makes my heart sing.

You can't take the High Road without stopping at Chimayo sanctuary.  Chimayo has several interesting legends associated with it but the most well known legend revolves around "el pocito" ("little well").  Next to the main sanctuary is a tiny pit which contains holy dirt which is said to have remarkable curative powers. People come from far and wide to scoop a bit of dirt to bring to loved ones that need healing.  The tiny pit is said to be never run out of dirt.  So if you are planning on visiting be sure to bring a little baggie (but if you forget you can buy a container at the gift shop.)  

I had so many photos from the trip I am dividing them up into several posts.  My next post will be on our adventures in Taos so check back soon!

“Magic exists. Who can doubt it, when there are rainbows and wildflowers, the music of the wind and the silence of the stars? Anyone who has loved has been touched by magic. It is such a simple and such an extraordinary part of the lives we live.” ― Nora Roberts

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Awesome! I need to visit this place, too. Happy New Year <3