Friday, December 23, 2016

Holiday Card Linocut

This year I told myself I wasn't going to make a Christmas card but then an idea popped in my head and I just couldn't help myself.  I have been obsessed by folk and embroidery patterns so I decided to try my hand at interpreting that into linoleum.

I started by finding embroidery patterns in some old polish embroidery books that I have had sitting around for years.  I also looked on Pinterest and in the end I combined two different patterns in Photoshop.  I then printed out my design and simplified it with tracing paper.  Once I was satisfied with my design on the tracing paper I flipped it over and burnished it onto my safety-kut linoleum.  Then I turned the music on and carved away.

I love how the plate looks before it has been inked.  There is something nice about the texture all by itself.

The hard part for me is the printing.  It would be easy if I just wanted twenty or thirty, but this year I printed over 100.  George had to help me in the end because my wrist wouldn't take it any more.  I was able to print them over two days and was exhausted when we finally pulled the last print.

I had so much fun photographing the print I couldn't decide on whether I liked the greens (first photo) or the wreath and berries (below).  I usually try and pick just one but some times you just can't decide and have to include both.

Below is a short video of me pulling the print.

I am so thankful to everyone who reads the blog.  This has been a big printmaking year for me with the launch of and I couldn't have done it without all the encouragement from my friends, family, and you.  I wish everyone a very Happy Holiday and much joy in the New Year. 

"Happiness is there for the taking and making." - Oprah


Amy said...

So amazing. So inspiring. always!!!!

Monica Holguin said...

Beautiful! A labor of love .... 100 pieces?! Wow