Monday, August 25, 2014

Spring Grove Sketch

Christina, Amy, and I sketched at Spring Grove Cemetery this weekend.  This particular building has always intrigued me with its Gothic Revival architecture and flying buttresses.  The Spring Grove website says that it was built in 1869 and was built for an English immigrant named Dexter who was a whiskey baron.

Part of the reason I love sketching with Christina and Amy is that it is so nice to sit and chit chat while being productive at the same time.  But I also love to see the different ways we interpret the same object.  You can see their sketches here.  After sketching we headed down to Findlay Market and ate pho.  A wonderful way to spend a Saturday!


Amy said...

It was really fun (and challenging!) sketching that building! Looking forward to next time! Great job on the finished sketch!

Mollie D. said...

Is that Norman chapel? If so I would really like to talk about purchasing the sketch.