Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wise Temple Sketch

A couple weekends ago a small but intrepid group from the Cincinnati Illustrators decided to brave the heat and sketch Wise Temple.  I first noticed the amazing architecture of this building when my dad and I sat on its steps and sketched City Hall a couple months ago.  The building is wrapped in two impressive lines of cornices and has two slender minarets with windows that make me wonder if a person can climb up and look out.  According to the website, the building was built in 1866 at a cost of $263,525 and is described as being built in a Byzantine-Moorish style.  From the photos on their website the interior is just as impressive as the outside, if not more-so. 

The architecture of downtown Cincinnati never ceases to amaze me and I don't think we will ever run out of interesting subjects to sketch.  You can see everyone's sketches here on the illustrator blog.

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Jodi C said...

Bravo! That looks intimidating to sketch, I have so much admiration for your dedication!