Thursday, December 24, 2015

Dromedary Print

Continuing my animal theme from last year, I decided to print a camel for my Christmas card this year.  I love the idea of combining my love of animals, folk patterns and Indian motifs into a linocut.

I started with a pencil sketch and thought it might be fun to incorporate my logo into the saddle bag.

But after I carved the plate I thought the knees made the camel look like a robot.  Plus I didn't like the way the saddle blanket fringe didn't continue all the way around.  I also wasn't loving my logo in it.  (This plate is red because I like to use my giant stamp pad to get a quick test print).

So I decided to re-sketch and try again.

Below you can see the plate inked with metallic gold ink.

This video shows me hand-burnishing the plate and pulling a print.

I had a difficult time printing these this year.  I started by mixing silver and gold oil-based ink together.  About halfway through I ran out of silver ink and decided to keep printing with just the gold.  Unfortunately for me the gold ink was extra viscous and I started losing detail.  I knew I should have bought that burnt plate oil at the store but I didn't.  So I quit for the night and tried again the next day.  Again, I was losing detail and getting blobby prints so I completely cleaned the plate... again, terrible prints.  I had to accept defeat and cleaned everything again and took a nap.

Later in the day I went to the art store to try to buy burnt plate oil but they didn't have any.  A friend suggested I try the speedball water-based ink.  I brought it home but was worried about using it on my plate that I had cleaned with vegetable oil.  Another friend suggested I wash it with soap and water.  So I did and then I printed the last 50 prints lickety-split.  The clean up lasted less than five minutes with the water-based ink and all the prints were dry by the next day.  There are definitely pros and cons to both kinds of ink! 

I am not sure what I will do in the future, but I do know one thing.  I am thankful to all my friends (and husband) who keep me going and help me solve these problems.  I wouldn't have made it through this one without them. 

"When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate them with cries of 'me too!',
be sure to cherish them, because those weirdos are your tribe." 

I thank you all for reading and supporting this blog and for being part of my tribe.  I love hearing all your comments and I wish every one of you a very happy holiday season and much joy in the new year!  Love, Nessy

"Set your life on fire.  Seek those who fan your flames."  -Rumi

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Jodi C said...

Wonderful my friend and tribe mate! The camel is divine. I love you and all you do, you have such heart 💖