Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Succulent Basket

Last week was my friend Margot's birthday and I decided to make her a succulent basket.  I know succulents are all the rage right now but I have always loved them.  As a child my mom would take us to Knollwood Garden Center and let us each choose a tiny cactus.  I LOVED that! 

I never went for the spiky, spindly kind but was instead drawn to the plump, soft variety.  So when I went shopping for plants to put into this arrangement I was super excited to find these...especially the "red-fingers" below.  Their shape makes me want to reach out and give them a squeeze!

I am not 100% sure where this vintage wire basket came from but it has been sitting in my basement for years.  My next door neighbor had a fire a few years ago and we stored some of his belongings at our house.  I am suspicious that it originated from him (thank you John!). And when I needed something to prop the basket on I remembered that somewhere in my basement was a dragon plant stand.  I ran downstairs and was rather proud of myself for finding it in the depths of my gardening shelves.  When I put the two together I nearly squealed with delight.  

I thought I was done taking pictures but after I watered the planter I noticed the water looked like jewels and, of course, spent another half an hour photographing the water droplets.  Succulents are beauties in so many different ways.

The photo above was taken on my side porch on some limestone slabs.  I used to keep planters in this spot and through the years they created a circular patina that I love.  It reminds me of a spinning galaxy.

Making this planter for Margot made me happy on many levels.  First, just going to the plant store to buy succulents makes me happy.  Second, I love when I finally enact an idea I have had for years.  This basket cried out to have succulents sticking out the sides of it!  And finally, it makes me happy to celebrate the birthday of a friend who I think is an incredible person and I am truly blessed to know.  Happy Birthday Margot!

“A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself.”
― Frank Crane

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