Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Cat and Mouse Linocut Print

This fall I participated in an exhibition called "Think Square" that showcased the work of local artists working in ceramics, sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, fiber and glass.  Each piece had one main requirement: it had to be 5'' wide by 5'' tall.

I chose our cat Bubo as my subject because IMHO all printmakers should print their cats and Bubo is incredibly cute.  This blurry little image from a video was my inspiration.

In the following video you can see me pull a test print of the "Cat and Mouse."

Below you can see the final prints drying.  Each print is 5 3/4'' wide by 7'' tall and there are 31 prints in the edition.  The actual size of the printed area is approximately 5'' x 5''.

The show was curated by Andrea Knarr who was a printmaking professor at NKU for many years.  I met her recently when I took her framing class at Tiger Lily Press.  A big thank you to her for putting together a great show.

The night of the opening was really fun.  All the pieces in the show were framed the same so the show looked really cohesive.  The show is up until Nov. 22 so there is still time to go see it.  The artwork was really fantastic and most pieces sold the opening night, including mine!

Between working on the giant sweetgum and this print I can see there are some advantages of working smaller.  In the coming year I hope to experiment with printing some small to medium-sized prints.

If you are interested in purchasing the "Cat and Mouse" visit my website   

“I believe in love. And beauty. I believe that every single person has something they find beautiful and that they truly love. The smell of their child's hair, the silence of a forest, their lover's crooked grin. Their country, their religion, their family. And I believe that if you follow this love all the way to its end, if you start with the thing you find most beautiful and trace it's perfume back to its essence, you will perceive an intangible presence, a swath of stillness that allows the thing you love to be visible like the openness of the sky reveals the presence of the moon.”
-- Geneen Roth

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