Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vintage Light Cages - Antiques Warehouse, Cincinnati

Sometimes when I visit Gary at the Antiques Warehouse I find it hard to focus on one thing.  But when I spied a basket of vintage light cages I knew exactly what I wanted to photograph.  I am madly, crazy in love with these light cages.  Just look at the detail in them!  I have already spent way too much time dreaming about taking down the chandelier over my dining room table and creating a beautiful light centerpiece made of hanging vintage light cages.  It would be so lovely.

OK, I know that isn't a vintage light cage above, but I was so mesmerized by all the swirling metal that I couldn't resist taking a picture of this half-rusted egg strainer.  It was in the basket with the light cages and was just begging to have its photo taken with the others. 

I'm headed over to Gary's again today so check back again soon for more vintage treats!

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