Thursday, October 3, 2013

Robert Abbey Bling Chandelier

When we bought our house 10 years ago I thought the first thing I would do would be to replace the "octopus" chandelier in our front foyer.  For several years I would see a chandelier that I liked but nothing really caught my eye until I found the Arctic Pear Chandelier.  After years of searching I knew that was the one for me as soon as I laid eyes on it. What I didn't know was that it cost over $5000.

"It has been a few years since I fell hard for a beautifully perfect and tragically expensive chandelier — Ochre's Arctic Pear. " - Leah Moss from Apartment Therapy

I was soooooooooo disappointed! So when I found Leah Moss's comment above on Apartment Therapy I knew someone else out there felt the same way I did.  In her post she goes on to list some alternatives and that is how I found the Robert Abbey Bling Chandelier.  I did a ton of research and this was the only one I could find that had an oil-rubbed bronze metal ring.  We ended up buying it from Candelabra Lighting and Home Decor and were very happy with our choice.

The only negative thing I have to say about it is that it was a bit of a challenge to put up.  It took three of us and many shaky arms to hang it, not to mention the hours it took to individually hand each glass orb.  Lucky for me I have an awesome hubby who figured out his needle-nose plier technique for fitting two tiny metal arms into an even tinier hole.  When we finally finished hanging it that day and turned the lights on I think the neighbors could hear me squeal with glee.  I love it!  It goes to show that with patience and perseverance you can accomplish your goals even if it takes ten years. Goodbye octopus, hello bling!

Steps to hang Robert Abbey Bling Chandelier
1) Take down Octopus
2) Extract hundreds of glass orbs from tiny boxes while wearing fancy white gloves.
3) Meticulously hang precious glass orbs by squeezing two tiny metal wires into small holes.
4) Do not fall!
5) Clean floor of hundreds of little orange baggies decorating floor like fall leaves.
6) Collapse with happiness that all orbs are hung.
7) Turn light on and dance and squeal with glee!


April said...

I'm so in love with those Bling Chandeliers. They are gorgeous and a great choice for your stunning entrance. Really bold and beautiful in that space. Well done and worth it!

Anonymous said...

great work! perfect choice.

Unknown said...

Oh please help!!! how in the world did he get these glass bulbs in? Im afraid I'm going to have to return it. please call if you get this anytime soon. any direction would be appreciated. 615 970 1982. Im in Mt. P

Anonymous said...

We just installed this above our dining room table. The table is rectangle and I'm afraid that I will need to buy a round table. It just doesn't look right. I absolutely love this chandelier, tho! Now I need to buy a foyer light and I'm once again on the hunt for the perfect light.

Nessy said...

Chris, I don't know how I missed your comment! Sorry, I am sure it is now WAY too late. I hope it worked out.

Anonymous, I hope you don't have to buy a new table! But I told my husband it bugs the heck out of me that the chandelier isn't perfectly centered on our round table below it. I keep wanting to re-do the electrical so it is perfectly I feel your pain!