Tuesday, September 9, 2014

On My Walk

Some times I get so crazy excited by the things I see on my walks.  I've never grown cannas so this may be old news to you. But the other day I did a double take when I saw these awesome pods growing on my neighbors cannas!  Not only do I love the bulbous-fingered orb shape, but check out the way the color goes from neon yellow-green to red at the tips. 

And I thought it couldn't get any better than that when I saw what happens to them when they dry up (below).  The pods look like squashed, veined turbans...or maybe peanuts... but very cool nonetheless.

Plus I haven't even mentioned that the above photos were taken with my new google phone.  Often when I am out walking I wish that I had my camera with me and now I will!  George always wanted me to carry my phone on my walks but I always forgot it.  But now I will be definitely be carrying it more.  It is a lot lighter than the Canon, although I will always love that camera.


Amy said...

So beautiful!!! And with your phone?? That is great! Love those alien-like images. NIce post Vanessa!

Jodi Christiansen said...

Did you notice the mantis is looking directly at you?! Gorgeous shots, you got da eye, sister!

Tony said...

Great pics of the insects!