Tuesday, September 9, 2014

On My Walk

Some times I get so crazy excited by the things I see on my walks.  I've never grown cannas so this may be old news to you. But the other day I did a double take when I saw these awesome pods growing on my neighbors cannas!  Not only do I love the bulbous-fingered orb shape, but check out the way the color goes from neon yellow-green to red at the tips. 

And I thought it couldn't get any better than that when I saw what happens to them when they dry up (below).  The pods look like squashed, veined turbans...or maybe peanuts... but very cool nonetheless.

Plus I haven't even mentioned that the above photos were taken with my new google phone.  Often when I am out walking I wish that I had my camera with me and now I will!  George always wanted me to carry my phone on my walks but I always forgot it.  But now I will be definitely be carrying it more.  It is a lot lighter than the Canon, although I will always love that camera.


Amy said...

So beautiful!!! And with your phone?? That is great! Love those alien-like images. NIce post Vanessa!

Jodi C said...

Did you notice the mantis is looking directly at you?! Gorgeous shots, you got da eye, sister!

Tony said...

Great pics of the insects!