Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fall Flowers

A couple weeks ago my mom bought me these flowers for my birthday from the farmer's market.  Every week we go to pick up our vegetables I am in awe of the beautiful flower arrangements from Hazelfield Farm Flowers.  And I am even more amazed at how quickly Sayward, the owner, is able to quickly compose a beautiful arrangement in a matter of minutes.  If you ever need flowers for an event I highly recommend Hazelfield (you can see their work here and here).  Plus they are chemical and pesticide free!

When I saw this bouquet I fell in love with the colors.  Of course the dusty pinks of the dahlia and zinnias were incredible, but what made this arrangement was the purple basil.  And it smelled great!  Thanks again Mom for this lovely gift that brought me joy all week!

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Amy said...

That has to be the most beautiful color combination I have ever seen in a bouquet!!! I need to stop by that market some time!