Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Water on Leaves

"When you see a diamond in a drop of water you realize that being rich is a matter of perspective."
-V. Sorensen

Today on my walk I thought I saw a leaf with something sparkling on it, but I kept walking and thought it must have been a leaf with water on it.  And then I passed another similar leaf and had the thought, "I should stop and take a picture," ...but I continued on my way.  Until finally I saw a leaf that truly made me stop in my tracks.  The whole leaf looked like it had diamonds laying on it and was so brilliantly lit by the setting sun that I had to kneel down to make sure what it was.  And to my amazement it was simply water on leaves!

After I photographed the first leaf I took a few more steps and there was another one.  And then another and another!  They were all around me shimmering in the setting sun.  I must have looked like a crazy girl running from one to the next, kneeling down and admiring them up close.  And when I looked closely at the water on the leaves I could see that each one was like a miniature magnifying glass revealing beautifully intricate leaf patterns.

I have walked this same route around my neighborhood hundreds of times and never seen such a thing.  Each leaf was truly a delight to behold.  Some were brilliant and showy...

while some were subtle and muted. 

When I finally arrived home and looked at the photos I felt such gratitude for the experience.  What greater joy in life can there be than to see a diamond in a drop of water... to find the extraordinary in the ordinary?


Jodi Christiansen said...

Oh, V, this is just one of the myriad reasons I love you soooo much! These are exquisite and I share your utter delight in the simple beauty of water on these leaves. Thank you for sharing your treasures.

Anonymous said...

The beauty around us is amazing if we just take the time to look. Marvelous photos Vanessa. Steve