Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tip-toeing through the Ginkgo Balls

You in the very immediateness of your present awareness, are in fact the entire world, in all its frost and fever, in all its glories and its grace, in all its triumphs and its tears. You do not see the sun, you are the sun; you do not hear the rain, you are the rain; you do not feel the earth, you are the earth.
- Ken Wilber

I think that makes me a stinky ginkgo ball!  But I am happy to be one because they are quite beautiful with their soft blush-pink skin and golden yellow mouth.  And laying on top of the gradient green-to-yellow fan-shaped is quite a visual feast! If they weren't so stinky you would want to eat them! 

After tip-toeing through the ginkgo balls there were other treasures to be discovered on my walk.  A mushroom cap, a star-burst seed pod, and sunlight pouring through tendrils of grass so fine it looks like cobwebs.  These slow, fall walks feed me in so many ways.

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Jodi C said...

Lovely, my friend.