Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Embroidered Thanksgiving Wreath Card

This weekend I decided to make my mom an embroidered Thanksgiving wreath card.  I had seen several embroidery designs I liked on Pinterest and decided to design my own.  In the past I have had good success sewing on cardstock (corn, pumpkin, valentine, valentine pattern) but it is always risky because you have to put a fair amount of pressure on the card when pulling the needle through the paper.  In order to avoid tearing the paper I usually make the holes with a hole punch first. This is especially important when using thicker thread like I did on this card. 

One thing you can't tell from a photo is the feel of an embroidered card.  Usually when you are done the sewing stiffens the paper and with this card it began to feel almost basket-like.  Another thing you can't see from the photo is the whole card is rather thick.  I usually either sew a card to the back to hide the "wrong" side or, in this case, I used tiny brads to attach it to a thick cardstock.  You might have to use extra postage if it gets too thick (since this card is square, it did need extra postage).

If you would like to make this card you can download the pattern here.  Print on 8 1/2 x 11'' cardstock, trim to size, punch your holes, and you are ready to start sewing.

Image from Stitch, Craft, Create

The night I started this card I went to bed after sewing for a couple hours.  I think my brain was still thinking about this stitch because I woke up at four and had the most profound thoughts about it.  Now, not all my four o'clock revelations stand up to the light of day, but I thought this one was interesting. 

The stitch I used on the wreath is a form of "Lazy daisy" stitch.  It is a very clever and beautiful stitch because the loop on the surface is held in place by the exact same thread that goes below and pops up in another place to catch the loop and hold it down.  And when I woke up in the middle of the night I had the thought that our lives are just like this stitch.  We are the only things holding ourselves down. It appears that other people or things are holding us back, but really it is just ourselves if we look below the surface.  It is quite ingenious because once you see this you realize you have the power to untangle your knots and set yourself free.

I never knew there were such insights to be gained from sewing!  But aside from my four o'clock musings I also wanted to tell everyone who reads this blog that I am so thankful for you.  I send you much joy and love and wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.


Jodi C said...

How sweet, I love this card! And the font is yummy, is it Anna Clara?

Jodi C said...

How sweet, I love this card! And the font is yummy, is it Anna Clara?

Amy said...

lovely card and really great thoughts from the weaving process!