Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bundleflower Linocut - Color 3

As I explained in my last post, this print was a "reduction" linocut.  That means the plate is carved away a bit more with every color.  In other words...the plate is slowly destroyed.  Knowing that, I went a little crazy with the photography so bear with me on this post.

As you can see below, the third color was a brownish-red color.  In the final print you will see that only the seeds will remain red so most of the red you see here will get covered by the final color.

Here is a video of me applying the red ink to the plate.

I took over a hundred photos of the plate at this stage and had a VERY hard time whittling it down to a reasonable number.  I just loved the drama of all those curvy lines and the way the orange ink still lay in some of the grooves. 

I also sprinkled in a few quotes to keep it interesting.

The video below shows me unsnapping my registration pins (they are called Ternes-Burton clips) and pulling the paper away from the plate to reveal the print.

The last photo is an upside-down shot of the prints drying.  It seems they take longer and longer to dry with each color applied.  The final print is available at  Check out the final carving in my next blog post!

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