Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine Embroidery Card

The other day I saw this on Pinterest and it inspired me to make a Valentine's card for my mom.  I drew the basic design in Illustrator and then altered it a bit to fit a message and a heart.  If you would like to make this card you can download the pattern here. This was the perfect project for this cold winter weather...just cozy up on the couch and sew!

Just now when I went back to find the Pinterest  link I discovered the original image that inspired me was from a wonderful Etsy shop called Curious Doodles.  They offer incredible embroidery kits that arrive at your door with all the supplies and holes punched ready to go.  I especially love this one with a bear on it.

I also learned that these designs are from tradition Japanese sashiko patterns.  Apparently these stitching patterns were traditionally used to reinforce worn clothing.  How awesome is that?  Instead of just sewing on an ugly patch, why not sew it on with an awesome design that makes it better than it was to begin with!?  It really makes me think about taking time with projects and being fully present for them...even a project as mundane as patch sewing.  So if you download this pattern I hope you enjoy spending time with it and that it brings a smile to both you and your valentine!   

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April Eight said...

You never cease to amaze! What a gorgeous card.