Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine's Bags - Upcycled Pajamas

Last week I was sad to discover my favorite pajamas had a giant rip in them.  My sister gave me the pajamas a few years back for Christmas and they are one of two flannels pairs that I wear all winter.  I have always liked the print and I knew the fabric hoarder in me would not be able to part with them.

Also last week I happened to be in a toy store with a friend when I noticed a super cute Aaron Rodgers lego character staring at me.  Four weeks ago I wouldn't have known who that was but every other word out of my nephew's mouth this Christmas was Aaron Rodgers.  Needless to say I left the store with Aaron and several other MLB and NFL players for both nephews.  Just this week I was thinking about sending them a Valentine's package with the legos and it dawned on me that I should make gift bags from the pajamas!  The idea of it just pleased me so... the perfect way to part with my flannel friend. 

It was super easy to do.  I just cut off the legs and zig zag stitched the raw ends.  Then I turned it inside out and sewed straight across for the bottom.  I then folded the top down making sure to leave enough space for a drawstring.  And finally I sewed straight across again and then cut a small opening to insert the drawstring.  I did end up top-stitching the bottom but if I had to do over I probably wouldn't have.  So now if you ever have the urge to make Valentine's gift bags out of your pajamas you will know how!


april eight said...

Those are mega-watt adorable, Vanessa! Those are lucky nephews. Sorry for the loss of your favorite pajamas too, by the way. I know how that feels… ;-)

amy bogard said...

Vanessa! so cute!!! i want to be your nephew. :)