Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Street Banner Designs

Last month I was asked to design the street banners for North Avondale.  Their main request was that the banners reflect the recent artworks mural shown below.  The verdict is still out right now as to their favorite but I think they are leaning toward the above design.  I will post later which one they choose.  Which one is your favorite? 

Artworks Mural in North Avondale


Annie Ray said...

I like all three of the rust colored ones--I think I like the lamps best (even though I don't really like the actual gas lamps very much)

Maxbps8 said...

Bottom Left is my favorite. Classic. Simple. Large enough Font to see when driving past.

Chuck said...

They are all very nice.
I would take a photo of the area where they will be hung and photoshop the graphics in. That could very well push your decision one way or another.

Amy Whipple said...

I'm going to second Annie's comment. The rust ones are all very striking, and I really like the lamp one.